Recent SPECTRA – Karst publications

The programme is in its third year (final year of the UK side of Phase 1) and as such publications are being published. Below is a list of recent publications made by researchers within the SPECTRA – Karst team (Project 3) within the UK- China CZO Programme.


  1. Dandan, L., Zhang, X., Green, S.M., Dungait, J.A.J, Wen, X., Tang, Y., Guo, Zhiming, Yang, Y., sun, Xiaomin, Quine, T.A. 2018. Natural vegetation recovery of abandoned sloping farmland influences nitrogen functional genes within soil profiles at the Puding Karst Critical Zone observatory, SW China. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 125, 93-102. PDF  
  2. Ma, M., Gao, Y., Song, X., Green, S.M., Xiong, B., Dungait, J.A.J, Peng, T., Quine, T.A., Wen, X., He, N. 2018. Migration and Leaching Characteristics of Base Ions: Indicating Environmental Effects on Soil Alkalinity in a Karst Area. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 25(21). 20899-20910.  Paper ; PDF
  3. Song, X., Gao, Y., Green S.M., Dungait, J.A.J, Peng, T., Quine, T.A., Xiong, B., Wen, X. He, N. 2017. Nitrogen loss from karst area in China in recent 50 years: An in-situ simulated rainfall experiment’s assessment. Ecology and Evolution, 7(23), 10131-10142.  Paper ; PDF
  4. Liu, M., Han, G., Li, Z., Liu, T., Yang, X., Wu, Y., Song Z. 2017. Effects of slope position and land use on the stability of aggregate-associated organic carbon in calcareous soils. Acta Geochimica, 36(3), 456–461.
  5. Moore, O.W, Buss, H., Green, S.M., Man, L., Song, Z. 2017. The importance of non-carbonate mineral weathering as a soil formation mechanism within a karst weathering profile in SPECTRA Critical Zone Observatory, Guizhou Province, China. Acta Geochimica, 36(3), 566-571. Paper
  6. Quine, T., Guo, D., Green, S.M. et al. 2017. Ecosystem service delivery in Karst landscapes: anthropogenic perturbation and recovery. Acta Geochimica, 36(3), 416-420. Paper ; PDF