Red Soil Chinese Researchers Visit Aberdeen

Researchers from the Chinese institutes cooperating on the Red Soil CZO project travelled to Scotland to discuss progress and plan the next stage of the project. As part of the meeting the team took a look at a couple of Aberdeenshire’s diverse soils. The selection included a tropical soil at Bennachie (pictured) which made for an interesting comparison with the Chinese Red Soils central to the project.

The visitors from Nanjing, including the Chinese PI Ganlin, Zhang enjoyed Scotland’s culinary curiosities whilst we discussed ways to integrate modelling and data collection efforts.

The meeting provided an excellent opportunity to strengthen collaborations between researchers in the UK and China. Much of the modelling work is currently being conducted by the UK side of the project whilst the China side is conducting the fieldwork. The project offers an interesting exploration of the tradeoffs of different land use decisions and considers the effects of changes in conditions which are likely to occur in the future. The group discussed what the researchers from Nanjing and Guangzhou currently see as being the largest concerns regarding human interactions with the environment in the region. The information gained from studying these is subsequently being used to create modelling tools which will give us a better understanding about how these might change under future climate and land use scenarios.