Programme Annual Meeting in Guiyang

The UK – China CZO Programme held its annual meeting in Guiyang, China on the 9th and 11th June 2017. The meeting was organised by State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry, CAS, China and hosted by both NSF China and NERC, UK. The meeting was attended by nearly 100 scientists from the UK and from across China. We were also fortunate to have Prof. Lui from NSFC, Simon Kerley from NERC and Grace Lang from RCUK attend. The meeting started with each project giving a summary of the progress to date (summaries of these are highlighted in the news section of the website). The attention was then moved to current integration activities across the program with both cross site measurements of geophysics and portable Gamma Spectra and knowledge exchange at the Karst CZO being highlighted. The 10 project PIs led a discussion on where we as a programme could further integrate which highlighted 6 main areas of potential collaboration. These included Microbiome, the Nitrogen Story, CZO Architecture, Model Collaborations, Knowledge Exchange, and Joint papers. The second day of the meeting was spent further developing these ideas into more detailed plans of action.

The meeting was deemed a successful and useful few days to get to know international partners better, share successful practises and look to the next year of the programme.

Caption for the photo – A Photo of all those attending the UK- China Annual meeting in Guiyang, China.