New research paper

Dr Boyi Liang from Peking University completed a visiting fellowship at the University of Exeter that was aligned to MIDST. Boyi Liang worked on the WOFOST DST which simulates crop production. He has been parameterising for maize, rice, tobacco, soya bean and potatoes. He produced a paper using neural networks to predict crop yield. The publication was published in in Progress in Physical Geography Earth and Environment.  While Boyi was in the UK he made use of Ian Bateman’s experience and incorporate investment model into his work. He continues to conduct CZO research complementary to the project.
Liang, B.Y., Liu, H.Y., Quine, T.A., Chen, X.Q., Hallett, P.D., Cressey, E.L., Zhu, X.R., Cao, J., Yang, S.H., Wu, L. & Hartley, I.P. 2020. Analysing and simulating spatial patterns of crop yield in Guizhou Province based on artificial neural networks. Progress in Physical Geography-Earth and Environment.